Monday, 24 June 2013

Come to the well.

In this modern parable – the divine, the universal principle of wholeness and unity, the source of beauty and creativity is available to everyone equally, entirely free of charge. 
God is here and with us now. He is around you and within you. In fact nothing can separate you from the love of God.
If you want to find God you can find Him in the beauty and creativity that is all around us and you can also find him by looking inside yourself – for as Jesus pointed out  - you won’t find the kingdom of God anywhere else, for the Kingdom of God is within you.
And this God within you – his essential character is LOVE.
In John’s letter in the New Testament, if fact he says that GOD iS LOVE .
I’m sure that many will say here today that I might believe in God if I could only feel or experience God.
Well the Christian revelation is that every time you give or receive love,  in thought words or deeds, you have experienced Love because God IS Love and Love is GOD.
Every time you forgive someone or are yourselves forgiven, every time you feel compassion or someone feels compassion for you, every time someone helps someone else, you are experiencing God in your life.
You have direct access to this divine through your own heart, soul and mind. You have free access to the well that is fullness of life.
Jesus, when he spoke to the woman at the well, told her of a spring that would well up from deep inside her.  He called that well of God’s love – Living water.  We all have free access to that water.
In the parable people came and told us that you can really only come to the water if you have to fill in lots of forms and wait your turn or do a dance in the right way and wait to see if you are judged worthy to gain access.
And that is how many people see God today – as a distant phantom unconnected with their real lives and hidden behind  loads of barriers and obstacles that we have to fight through to eventually get to him.
Don’t believe it. You are, we are, God’s children. When we come together on a Sunday morning in church – it is not to fight our way through an obstacle course to try and qualify for an audience with the divine – we come out of gratitude to celebrate what we already have. The gift of our own lives and the presence of God within them.  

That is why we celebrate. Though we all have troubles – life is a gift. Make the most of it and celebrate. God is here. His Spirit is with us.

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