Sunday, 5 April 2009

First Post (By Claire)

Having already left the place that we called home for 2.5 years I know that it is with mixed emotions that Dad and Mum head off for pastures new. It has certainly left us with unforgettable memories (Good and bad) and it is strange to think that if we had gone somewhere else our lives would be completely different - the rich tapestry of life so as to speak. It is on this note that I shall hand this blog over to Dad (if I can ever teach him to use it - don't hold your breath!) so he can use it to continue his popular weekly emails and keep in contact with the congregation of the Church of the Resurrection.


  1. Hi Martin,
    Its Carol from 438( Thanet) Sqn in margate!
    I was looking up ex staff for our 70th Anniversary so I googled Rev Martin Romania and found you!! I know you are probably a bit busy but if you want to email Flt Lt John Kealy (was Warrant Officer) maybe if you are down this way you would like to come to the service and reunion at Holy Trinity church Cliftonville on the 20th June 2011. If not we still have your 438 mug with your name on! if you come down for a holiday! Me & John are the only members left now, I think you may remember, oh and Ray maybe!
    Glad you survived Romania and are going to have a nice quieter time in the little village up North. Oh we do have a 438 sqn Facebook site too!
    Look forward to hearing from you soon

  2. Hi Carol,
    Great to hear from you - sorry I didn't reply sooner but I haven't looked at this for well over a year! However, I am now reactivating it. Unfortunately I can't make it to the anniversary as I have only just returned from a holiday in Bucharest but please do send my regards. I have looked up the 438 sqn facebook site though and I look forward to hearing from you again. When I am next in the area I would definitely like to drop round and collect my mug - I wondered where it got to.
    Take care,